Christmas Dinner at Cowboy Star


Excedeo and their loved ones enjoyed a night on the town at the Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop in Downtown San Diego. As everyone began to arrive, they were seated in a private room for all 15 attendees to gather around for good conversation with great company. Once everyone ordered their appetizers, entrees, and desserts, it was time to play a game! Catch Phrase was a quick and exciting way to keep everyone on their toes and occupied while waiting for their food. It was then that our CEO, Mariela Collins, announced Excedeo's Most Valuable Team Player, the employee recognized for their hard work and countless efforts, as our wonderful accountant Mina Suyama! 

Table Picture

The beautiful faces of Excedeo!

A moment later, our drinks along with bread rolls and appetizers began to trickle in. From Caesar salads and potato bisque to something a little more exotic like roasted quail and steak tartare. Soon after, the filet mignons and ribeyes and sea bass were rolling in. It's safe to say that every plate was cleaned with only a few morsels to spare. Don't worry, I couldn't forget about the delicious desserts! The chocolate chip bread puddings and banana hazelnut cakes were absolutely amazing and definitely an awesome way to end the meal.

As conversation continued to flow, it was about that time to head home. Upon each person's departure, our wonderful CEO gifted each employee and guest with a present everyone was grateful for. It was a marvelous and yummy way to kick off the holidays.

Excedeo Team

Happy Holidays from our Excedeo family to yours!

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