Summer Fun at Aquatica


This year's Aquatica event started out much better than last year with beautiful, clear, and sunny skies with no chance of rain! Everyone arrived right on time to get their sunblock on and their slippers off to jump straight into the water. The crowds and the heat were a warm welcome to great day.

Aquatica San Diego Map

Even with the amount of people at the park, it didn't phase these kids. Richard and Mina being pulled by Kenzo one way, Mariela and Becky being pushed by Wesley the other way, Charles and Steph being dragged by Andrew this way, then Sienna hauling Lindsay, Jasmine, Ashlee, and Allyssa that way. Whichever direction they want, it was all smiles all day and we didn't want the fun to end!

kenzo andrewkenzo sienna dippindots

Kenzo, Andrew, and Sienna showing off their smiles.

Everyone rendezvoused back at the cabanas for some lunch after working up a sweat and quite the appetite. There was an abundance of fruits, snacks, burgers, pizza, fries, noodles, funnel cake, and Dippin' Dots ice cream. Did I mention there was lots and lots of whipped cream?

becky kenzoWhat do you do when the waiter leaves a whole can of whipped cream at the table? (Answer: This.)

After refueling, everyone ran off and was left to their own devices. Many headed off to the Taumata Racer for a little friendly competition to see who can make it to the bottom first. We don't have any actual proof who won those races but we're sure each race was a bucket of fun. From HooRoo Run, to Wahnau Way, to Kiwi Curl, it was hard to just pick one favorite!

jasmine sienna marielaJasmine, Sienna, and Mariela posing for a one last picture before leaving.

Overall, everyone had a blast and made a HUGE splash while at Aquatica. Definitely a great way to spend a sunny San Diego summer day!

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