EXCEDEO Volunteered at Ocean Beach

Thankfully the weather on Saturday was gorgeous and nobody had any complaints about being at the sunny beach! Before we did any work, we had about 30 minutes of instruction on the importance of coastal dunes and wetlands. Wetlands are the ocean's last line of defense against toxins being spilled into the ocean because the toxins will get caught in the sticky mud on its journey to the ocean. The wetlands also provide habitat for many plants and species that cannot survive elsewhere. The coastal dunes and wetlands are preserved by the different plant species that surround them, but some species have become invasive and are causing harm to the wetlands.

Our job was to pull out the invasive species and plant the native plant species that are actually supposed to be there.

Here are photos of our fun time! 

Mariela and Charles after instructions, getting ready to grab some tools.

beach clean up7

Volunteers listening to instructions.

beach clean up5

Alexa and her friend Dasean who came out to help volunteer.

beach clean up2

Visit: http://www.sandiegoriver.org/ for more information about The San Diego River Park Foundation.

We hope you join us next time!

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