New Technology Threatens your Business

Utilize Security Tools To Help Take Control

Ransomware and breach attacks are on the rise. Small businesses are the target of these attacks because attackers assume they have not invested in their technology security. And they are right. After an attack, a small business will most likely never recover and will shut its doors.

Excedeo is here to provide top of the line managed security solutions to help prevent an attack and help your business recover.

1) Security Experts At Your Fingertips

Our Technology experts are well versed in compliance and security frameworks to help analyze and review your technology for weak points that we can help address. We keep our ear to the ground for new threats and solutions that might fit your business.

2) Advanced Scanning and Alerts We Check So You Don’t Have To

We run a 24/7 Security Operations Center that monitors and scans your business for threats using combined artificial intelligence and advanced security frameworks built for compliance. We review threats within minutes of detection to make sure your business is not under attack. We utilize these tools and our expertise to reverse threats before they hurt your business

3) Compliance Specialists Who Make Compliance Easy.

Our Compliance Specialists are experts at HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR. They are well versed in policy requirements and have worked to help businesses meet and exceed these expectations to become leaders in the industry.