Your Technology Should Work For You.

Excedeo Helps You Take Control.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

When your IT equipment fails it can cost thousands of dollars just to be operational again. A surprise cost due to expiring technology could leave your business dead in the water. Our technology experts help businesses plan and budget for these costs and recommend when to replace aging technology.

Reduce Costs on Your Staff

Technology and the knowledge required to understand it is constantly growing. Hiring an on-staff IT specialist can be a costly and ineffective way to close the gap. Many businesses choose to go without IT support and risk their business.

We provide decades of experience across the IT industry for a fraction of the cost. Keeping your business running while giving you the support of a full IT team.

Technology Vendor Management Done for You

Your workers need the resources to do their jobs. Acquiring resources means tracking hundreds of vendors and inventory.

We helped manage your technology vendors so you only need to contact us for help.

Adopt Compliant Solutions

HIPPA, PCI, and other security and privacy compliance have become one of the largest issues for new business. Government agencies have been steadily increasing both fines and audits due to noncompliance.

We are certified and have helped companies meet HIPPA and PCI compliance across the US